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Kinnalan Koukku

Our farm is located in Kiikka municipality of Äetsä district, within the Pirkanmaa region of Southwest Finland. The farm’s main building is made of wood and over 200 years old. Its rustic style provides the right atmosphere to enjoy traditional Finnish food, to organise a meeting/party or to stay over night. There is also a Civil Guards museum and a shop in one of the adjacent buildings.

Furthermore, you will find a traditional smoke sauna, that was just recently restored. Another sauna is located right on the waterfront of a small lake in the nearby forests. We also offer guided hiking tours through the surrounding forests.

Our fields are cultivated considering ecological aspects. The main source of income is the recently modernised pig house. Our forests are managed mainly during the winter time.

We are more than happy to tell you more about our services. You can contact us via E-mail or by filling out the feedback form.


Marja and Kaarlo Koukku

Tel.: +358 (0)3 513 5493

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